Project Results

So far the project has delivered seminars and workshops to over 550 teachers from more than 100 schools across South Africa with great feedback from the teachers. Here is the some of the feedback:

“Learner’s results have improved, because their frame of mind has been changed by the use of the book. The grade 9 results were a 40% pass rate, increase of 10% (from) before the use of the Maths Buddy!” (This is the average for those Grade 9 learners who have a copy of the My Maths Buddy dictionary.)”

S. Keith – Greenpoint High School

“The dictionaries have made a significant difference in the learners’ mathematical vocabulary and that is a good change from what I had experienced without the dictionaries. I would like to thank you the My Maths Buddy Team for bringing this valuable asset to my classroom. May you do the same for other grades as well.”

L. Netshilindi – Reikaeletse Secondary School

graph 1

“The grade 9 results were  a 40% pass rate, increase of 10% (from) before the use of the Maths Buddy!”

graph 2“Levels of learners have improved mostly from level 1 to level 3 for those who use the book religiously.”

“Levels of learners have improved mostly from level 1 to level 3 for those who use the book religiously. With my copy I was assisting my neighbour’s daughter with her maths task, she got level 6.”

G.M Mosala – Ikanyegeng Combined School

“It has become an everyday tool to work with. Responses to the homework questions have improved as learners are responding to challenging questions and most of the homework is done.  We would like to express our appreciation to you, Authors and publishers of My Maths Buddy and the sponsors, for the opportunity you awarded us to participate in the programme.”

Mgoboli M. M – Thabane High School

“Ever since CompAir SA provided us with Maths dictionaries (My Maths Boddy), our learners’ comprehension of mathematical concepts has advanced consequently improving our Grade 6 learners’ performance. Our learners can now look up in the dictionaries the maths concepts they do not understand. We acquired 88% for the first term (up from 65%). I am ecstatic to announce that our results for term 2 have escalated to 95%.”- Mrs. O.M. Maja Principal of Sekgutlong Primary School

“There has however been a significant improvement in the number of learners that are completing homework. Previously, there were too many not completing their homework. Now that number has gone down. Learners that are very shy are also starting to partake during lessons.

During the September examinations there were some improvement in the levels of achievement. Level ones are becoming less and the other levels are on the rise.”

E. Roman – Kuilsville High School / Hoerskool

graph 3

We acquired 88% for the first term (up from 65%). I am ecstatic to announce that our results for term 2 have escalated to 95%.”

graph 4
The Maths HOD at Kuilsville High in Danielskuil is delighted as the following was achieved within weeks of the My Maths Buddy being implemented in his school on 2 September 2014.  The results at the end of September for Term 3 in comparison to Term 2, clearly show the effectiveness of this book:

“Grade 10 Maths Average percentage increased by 14.77% from Term 2 to Term 3.

Grade 11 Maths Average percentage increased by 14.97% from Term 2 to Term 3.

Grade 12 Maths Average percentage increased by 8.23% from Term 2 to Term 3.”

HOD Maths, Kuilsville High


Learners and My Maths Buddy




Thanks to the Project donors there are over 3500 learners in South Africa who received a copy of My Maths Buddy dictionary and are using it to help themselves attain greater success with Maths. Here is their feedback:

“It shows you a perfect example of the work you are doing in class and much easier examples. And you can use it up to grade 12. For example, in adding
fractions, I had no clue how to add fractions and when I received the book I opened it and it showed me an example I could understand properly.” L. B.

“What I like about the My Maths Buddy is that I am able to use it with every maths problem I may have and it helps me to understand the maths problems in a simple and fun way. If you don’t understand something you just look it up and it gives you the name, the part of speech it is, how to say it, the explanation of how it came about and an example.” G. L. 

“It has almost everything you have to know about Maths! It is just awesome. It shows you examples of each word. And I do act like its my cellphone. 🙂 This book gives you examples of the terms and shows you how to pronounce words 🙂 !” T. B.

“I like My Maths Buddy because I can use it until grade 12. This book helps me to learn maths terms before I get the homework and when I get the homework I know what I am doing.”, K. S.


Our Workshops




“I feel great. I feel that I can do a lot more in Maths and with Maths.” – L.S. Grade 10

“I am very happy and I feel positive that my confidence is back after the workshop.” N.T. Grade 12

“I feel like I love Maths now and will work with it every day.” M.K. Grade 12

“I feel confident about myself passing Maths. The My Maths Buddy will help me to improve my results in Maths.” T.M. Grade 11

“I feel happy and very interested in Mathematics.” I.M. Grade 10

“After the workshop I feel good because I don’t have to depend on other people (anymore).” Z.M. Grade 10


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Teachers talking about My Maths Buddy

“My Maths Buddy has helped me a lot in my classroom, because most of my learners marks have improved a lot...”

Official Schools Feedback

Letters from schools

Learners talking about My Maths Buddy

“My Maths Buddy helped me to improve my Maths results from 40% to 88% ...”

“Last year I matriculated with very good marks and many distinctions, mathematics being my second highest mark of 94%. Along with years of hard work I used “MY MATHS BUDDY” which is definitely a great learning tool as it breaks down maths into basics and defines every word that is not common in the English language such as calculus and trigonometry.

Personally I feel that if you do not understand a word you cannot do any problem solving because you do not even understand what the problem is.

“My Maths Buddy” does just this, it defines words to give you a proper understanding and from there you can excel and reach your goals.

Therefore I would say stop relying on dictionaries alone and start using the colourful and descriptive My Maths Buddy as well to get you where you want to be.

Kyra Hammond