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Why does Quality Mathematics Education Matter?

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation in Europe (OECD) found that Maths results directly impact the economic well-being of a nation, which reflects in the GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

They showed – based on their investigation – that where the Maths results are steadily declining, the country has a steadily declining economy or GDP. And in those countries where Maths results were good the economy was benefiting, and the GDP was growing. It’s not to say that it’s only Maths that causes it, but it has a significant effect on any economy.

Think about it: Learners with good Maths results become great professionals in the future economic world and the higher the volume of them the better their contribution to the economy. They could also join your business and significantly contribute to your business growth or they could open their own business and join the SME sector thus contributing to boosting of the economy. Did you know that SMEs are one of the most significant positive contributors to a growing economy?

In today’s economic climate and the challenges South Africa and it’s people are going through WE MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. After all, it is the FUTURE of your COUNTRY, your NATION, your COMPANY, your FAMILY, your CHILDREN, your GRANDCHILDREN, YOURS.

Project Journey

How did it All Begin

The journey of the My Maths Buddy One Book One Learner Project – an initiative of the South African Mathematics Foundation – begun in 2013 after extensive research was done on South African learners from different areas and walks of life and their struggle to understand and apply maths.

Everybody knows that everyone hates Maths, right? 

These words have become such a cliché phrase that it makes us think that this is just what it is, and we just must accept it. And out if this came the dividing of learners into two categories – learners who is naturally good with Maths and learners who cannot do, or are not good with Maths.

And so, the teaching approach also changed. Because “no matter what a teacher did” some learners would just not get it. 

Eventually the teacher would give up and move such learners into the category of “hopeless”.

But are they really “hopeless” and did the teachers really try everything?

After conducting thousands of surveys with learners and seeing what they really struggle with in Maths, we found a common denominator to all learners struggles that causes non-comprehension in Maths.

We found the same missing ingredients in teaching Maths.

My Maths Buddy One Book One Learner Project was designed to handle these specific underlying struggles that both learners and teachers are going through on a daily basis without ever realizing the significance of them.

10 years of working with learners and teachers across South Africa has given the Project invaluable experience and a pride in what we have achieved during this time. 

And we continue to do so on a daily basis.

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Our Mission

We want to be part of the solution to bringing South Africa’s economy and the well-being of every citizen of this beautiful country to the level where each and everyone of us can FLOURISH & PROSPER. 

Education is a bedrock of the economy and Maths is an integral part of it.

A learner with good Maths results at the end of the school, could become a good engineer, doctor, teacher, scientist, astute entrepreneur, skillful CEO you name it. 

There are 158 professions a learner cannot enter when he leaves school if he didn’t pass Maths.

Would you agree that South Africa needs more skillful professionals? We do.

And this is our mission – to not just ‘help’ learners with Maths but give them a chance to really understand Maths, use Maths and open their minds to creativity with Maths. 

And thus enhance their lives to the point where their career choices widen so drastically that they can once again believe that they can dream of anything and achieve their dreams. 

They just need to follow the path of understanding.

And as for Maths teachers – we want them to learn how to teach Maths more effectively.

This way they can help their learners understand Maths and not fail at it as well as to succeed beyond their own expectations.

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What We Achieved

During the 10 years of work across South Africa we have delivered more than 200 projects in over 160 schools across the country. We have empowered over 5000 Maths teachers and brought their skills in teaching Maths to a higher and more professional level. We have empowered over 40 000 learners with resources and knowledge that has enhanced their understanding of Maths and helped them to achieve higher marks.

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