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Project Success

Each project is unique with its challenges and advantages and every project is individually handled but each project has a success story to tell. And here are just a few stories that show the impact of the project in schools.

Teacher Success Stories

“Using the knowledge and resources I got from the My Maths Buddy program has really changed the perception of my learners towards maths, at first they believed that maths is difficult and some even believed that they were not “maths material “.

But ever since I’ve been using My Maths Buddy kit there is a huge improvement. 

It even shows with the results improving from 35% to 71% in the first quarter.  I can really recommend every maths teacher to be part of this program.”

Thebe. O

Free State, grade 11 & 12 Maths teacher

“Having taught mathematics for over 30 years to learners from Grades 5 to 7 I didn’t think that there was much left for me to learn. 

However, this program has opened my eyes and I will certainly be changing some of my approaches to some of the concepts being taught as I now have a better understanding of why some of the learners have struggled. 

Thank you.”

Peter. I

KZN, Grade 4 Maths Teacher

“During the pandemic, learners took turns to come to school, all grades did not manage to finish the syllabus, and they had to be promoted to the next grade.

After attending the My Maths Buddy Program and learning how to use the tools of the program I managed to take my learners’ pass rate from 60% to 90%.”

Zanele. N

GP, HOD Maths

“Before the project started we were at a pass rate of 12%. And we had to go and account to the Department of Education for underperforming. We then received help from My Maths Buddy project sponsored by Comp Air SA.

Since the start of the My Maths Buddy project the results have improved in 2015 to 65%. In 2016 the school acquired 88% for the first term (up from 65% from the previous year) and I am ecstatic to

announce that our results for term 2 have escalated to 95%. The 2019 results showed 99% pass rate with average marks being 67% which is up from 19% average mark recorded at the beginning of the project. Increase in pass rate at the end of the project by 87% and average mark by 48%”

Olga. M

GP, Principal

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