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The South African Mathematics Foundation (SAMF), a non-profit company, was formed in 2004 by the two professional societies for mathematics in South Africa, the SA Mathematical Society (SAMS) and the Association for Mathematics Educators in SA (AMESA).


SAMF aims firstly, to advance the mathematical skills of South African learners through improved quality teaching and learning, and secondly, to improve and develop public awareness of the role mathematics play in the broader society in which it functions. 


The SAMF serves as a national office for mathematics to promote the effective co-ordination, administration and advancement of mathematics in South Africa.


The My Maths Buddy 1 Book 1 Learner Project is a key project of the Foundation in bringing rapid understanding of maths language to both teachers and learners across South Africa.

The My Maths Buddy One Book One Learner Project is a project initiated and run under the auspices of the Foundation.

The Project has been active for over 10 years.

It was originally established in 2015 with the idea of bringing the ability to use the My Maths Buddy mathematics dictionary to learners and the skill to teachers of using the My Maths Buddy to help with understanding.

Having now delivered to over 5,000 Maths Teachers and over 48,000 learners across South Africa, the project has proven it is highly effective in attaining maths understanding and thus maths success.

With a documented 14% average increase in results in under six months, it does and continues to make a huge impact in raising the standards of maths education.

The project uses the concept of a BRICK. If we all contribute with one or a few bricks, together we will build a wall that is strong enough to withstand any challenges. The Wall represents Strength.

This started many years back when a project was done at Ivory Park Secondary School and a group of donors each donated for a learner.

The South African Mathematics Foundation is a registered NPO with authority to issue Section 18A tax exemption certificates.


One must be careful however, that with the new tax laws if you claim VAT from the donation you are no longer eligible for the exemption for the donation.


So we advise our partners and supporters to request the Section 18A certificate and not claim the VAT.


At the final count it is more beneficial to have the exemption.

Each school identified, or school chosen must reach a minimum level to receive the on site delivery of the project.


That is a minimum of ten maths teachers and 40 learners. If the donation is for a single or a small number of teachers, these teachers than are set up to receive the delivery of the full program online.


We ensure that the teachers and learners receive their Kits and the training as fast as possible and aim to do so within a maximum of 6 to 8 weeks of the donation received.

The My Maths Buddy, or Afrikaans version My Wiskunde-Buddie, is available at your local bookstore or on the website, www.mymathsbuddy.co.za in the website bookstore.